Reserva del Patrón

1895 marks the beginning of a dream. Don. Luciano Barrios sets his mind to produce the best coffee in the world. His first plantations where based in San Marcos, Quetzaltenango and Chimaltenango, where he dedicated his whole energy, passion, and above all, his great love for Guatemala to take care of his land and their family.

Today, by planting only the best and unique combination of coffee beans and applying elaborated methods; the family’s fifth generation continues to deliver Guatemala’s best coffee to the world with the same passion and love as Mr. Luciano.

Reserva de la Familia

This magnificent coffee is a homage to the passion, work and love for the land of a great man: Don Gregorio Padilla y Padilla. A visionary who turned the East land of Guatemala into the richest land for the best coffee in Guatemala.

Today, we continue to treat our coffee plantations just as Mr. Gregorio did 90 years ago.

For more than 100 years we have maintained our processes by continuing to use only the best equipment, combined with the newest tendencies that will guaranty small and exclusive land that provide us with the highest quality and exceptionally rich flavors.