Reserva de Don Goyo

This magnificent coffee is homage to the work, passion, and love for the land of a great man: Don Gregorio “Goyo” Padilla y Padilla. He was the visionary that made Guatemala the preferred homeland for the best coffee in the world. In a time when coffee plantations were practically non-existent in the West, he had the foresight to use his lands for coffee crops to provide a product that surpasses all others.

At the farms of San Antonio, we continue to cultivate and care for the coffee plants in the same way that Don Goyo did for over 90 years. Even today, we use his farming and coffee milling processes, utilizing the same machinery and techniques that are over a century old. Combining these traditions with new trends and technology, the result is our very own Santos: Don Goyo, an exclusive micro-lot single origin coffee of exceptionally high quality and exclusive flavors.

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